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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Film: True Beauty This Night

Got ten minutes?

Got ten minutes for near perfection?

I saw a ten minute film recently that pretty much captured the essence of what a short film could be. It's hard to find really, even in this world of made for short attention span internet programming. It's hard to do it right. It's hard to get wrapped up in characters, decide if you like someone enough to care about what happens, root for them, laugh with them, feel their disappointment, and then feel their joy.


Sometimes it would be easier to just say, "It can't be done."

But it can. And one instance of it is Peter Besson's short film. Beautifully filmed. Nicely acted. Deftly written. And ultimately satisfying.

Ok, maybe, just maybe, you've got some of it doped out during the phone call. But you're never certain. But that idea might just be intentional...Besson drops clues all along the way...it unfolds...well, not slowly, as he's only got ten minutes, but it unfolds deliberately. When it should. Nothing revealed too early.

And a credit to the actors...Dustin Seavey and Meegan Michel...the last scene...the scene that tells most of the story, and provides the great finish, is done with no dialog. Something that would be easy to screw up...but so masterfully done the entire theater laughed and then applauded.

Where can you see it?

Dunno. Film festivals probably. That's where I saw it. Shorts get...well...short shrift generally, one usually stumbles upon them. Here's the website:


Perhaps they'll post where they'll be screening it. Eventually, I imagine, it'll be put online. It deserves better treatment than that I think...but it's something.

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