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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV: LOST...Or Deserted?

Oh yes. Many many theories going around on many many blogs all over the internets.

What's the deal with the church?

Why was BEN invited but not Michael?

There were LOTS of other people on that plane that lived on the island with them.

Questions answered, sure, but mainly questions raised from SEASON SIX!

Do you really expect us to believe that the story hasn't changed 10 times since the beginning?

So, now I'm going to give you my detailed analysis of the entire season with main focus on the final episode and with cross-referenced footnotes to all other linkages to previous seasons as well as other Eastern and Western philosopical classics with added pop culture references.


Just kidding.

Who has that kind of time? Ok, lots of folks in blogland seem to, but I don't and I'm wagering you don't have time to read all that either.

It's over. It wasn't going to satisfy everyone, but at least we got a decent ending.

An actual ENDING...not a petering out like X-Files. A clipped scene like Sopranos. I didn't want to see BSG end either, but it did, it gave us closure. So did this.

Would it have been fun to continue a bit longer? Sure. Probably. I was no fanatic...but I was a fan...these are good characters and they were fun to watch.

But it was time to go. And just in time.

And it's over.

Dead is dead.

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